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Let data talk to you

Smart Data Visualization for Fortune 1000 Companies

Jamnu turns big data into actionable data, creating opportunities to discover the relationship between different data sets and to leverage those relationships for better business outcomes. While others are busy staring at endless spreadsheet columns, Jamnu users get the insights they need to power new ideas with just a glance.

Now comes the task of deciphering the treasure trove of data that’s been collected.

What to do with all that data? Visualize it with Jamnu, and make smarter decisions than ever before.


Making Data Actionable

Jamnu is more than data: it’s the story that your data tells. Using real-time data visualization, Jamnu provides at-a-glance visual overviews of a given data set, allowing companies to make faster, more informed decisions.

No more guesswork.

Your business and your data should be working together. With Jamnu, they will.


Smart Visuals

Jamnu is smart. In fact, the more you use it, the more it learns.

Once it learns your business, Jamnu will recommend visuals to review and provide options to track those visuals through custom queues.

Jamnu users can create multiple dashboards on the fly and share visuals with any team member so managers get the information they need when they need it.

Jamnu is the right information at the right time.

Collecting data is easy. Turning that data into actionable insights is what will separate the company of tomorrow from the company of yesterday.

Jamnu is the competitive advantage no company can afford to overlook.


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